Women's Fitness Solutions in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for a women's focused weight loss program or fitness program that will give you the results you have been looking for?

Imagine a fitness program so fun - and different from everything else you've tried, you won't be able to wait to come back!

And, you'll get AMAZING results!

Nothing motivates you faster than results you can SEE and FEEL!

With my women only classes and programs, you will:

  • Slim your whole body FAST! In just a few weeks, you will look and feel firm and toned from our fun and intense small group coaching workouts that eliminate stubborn fat better than long, boring cardio workouts.
  • Lose belly fat and that annoying 'muffin-top' so you can wear a bikini this Summer with confidence!
  • Tone up and re-shape your body! My routines feature a science based combo of strength training and fat burning intervals that result in toned shoulders, great abs, a tight, shapely butt, lean legs, toned arms and more!
  • Enjoy more energy! Increase your stamina so you can have more energy to do the things you enjoy doing!
  • Build Confidence! Your new slim and sleek figure will boost your confidence so that you'll be proud of your new body.
  • Stay Motivated! My promise is to motivate, inspire and keep you accountable so you can reach your optimal fitness potential! 


  • 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp
  • 6-Week Slimdown
  • 90-Day Transformation